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I’ve had the most spectacular day walking along the Killary Fjord! This is definitely one of my top recommendations to people passing through Connemara!

Killary Fjord is a must-do hike if you want to go on a long, easy walk with incredible views. The trail will take you along the edge of the fjord and end with a view of the ocean. You’ll see a spectacular view of the fjord, lots of sheep, goat, rams, birds, fishing boats, and if you’re lucky, you’ll see a few dolphin.

The hike can take you any where from 3 to 4 hours depending on your pace and how many times you stop to take photos. The entire loop will start by Tullyconor Br, off the N59 road, and end by Lough Muck. Its best to take a map for reference, the #37 Discovery Series topo map can be picked up at most shops.


This is the map you want.


Letterfrack is a great home base for most of the hikes in Connemara. Try to hitch a ride or have someone drop you off by Tullyconor Br, off the N59 heading towards Leenaun. You’ll start the hike on a thin, paved road heading towards the water. The view from the start will already be spectacular!

This is the start of the walk.

This is the start of the walk.

There will loads of goat and sheep farms along the first bit of the hike. The first 30mins to hour of the hike (depending on your pace) will be on a dirt road that goes along sheep fences, overlooking the fjord. You’ll pass by a sheep and wool farm that does sheepdog-herding demonstrations.

You’ll pass by a few charming, abandoned cottages.


Keep looking out at the water, you may see some dolphins.

You’ll reach a stone wall that seems like the end of the hike, just climb over it and continue on, you’re about half way. The rest of the trail will be on grass. Personally, I think that, this is the better half of the trail. The view is great the whole way but I prefer walking right along the edge of the fjord rather than behind the sheep fences.

The second half of the walk starts here.

The second half of the walk starts here.



You’ll end the walk along the fjord by a little fishing village, on the map its shown the Quay at Rosroe. From there you can either try to hitch a ride back to the main road or walk back. Head towards Lough Mock, on the map you’ll be walking down the road that connects to the main road in between Lough Mock and Lough Fee. It’s also a good place to stop and have lunch, the view of the lake is breathtaking.

From there, you can try to hitch a ride back to Letterfrack or whichever village you are staying at. I hope you enjoyed the Killary Fjord!

For this walk, you should bring: Hiking boots, rain gear, a snack, camera, #37 Discovery Series topo map, a bottle of water, and your cell phone.

Feel free to comment below with and questions or concerns!

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