Planning on Visiting Connemara?

If you are planning on visiting Connemara, Kylemore House is ideal to make yourself at home in. We also help people plan their holiday here. Mike is always on hand to make specific recommendations for people on the local area so that they make the most of their time here. We also have a network of tour guides available and can organize custom transport options for people who require it for specific reasons.

Kylemore House is conveniantly located beside the Connemara National Park which is just five minutes walk away. The Connemara National Park is the most popular attraction in Connemara.

The Connemara National Park is located within 3 hours drive of any part of the country and is located on the western edge of Ireland which means it is on the Wild Atlantic Way.

If you are coming from Galway it is just over an hours drive by car or bus ( has a well priced ticket. Remember, if you are taking the bus you need to go one stop past Clifden. The Connemara National Park is located just 30 minutes drive from Westport.

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