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The Connemara National Park is one of the most exhilarating activities to do in Connemara. It will most certainly be one of the highlights of any trip to Ireland. Located just ten minutes walk from the Lodge the park will present an eclectic array of views and landscapes which unfold into better majestic panoramic scenery as you venture up the hill. At top the whole of Connemara seems to feel at your fingertips and one can sense the splendid diverse range of rugged beauty that Connemara has a reputation for.

A recently built path of stone makes the journey more pleasant and accessible to a wide range of walkers. Infact, the park is divided into three different walks which suit the beginner to the more avid walker. Because they cover different areas many people do different paths on different days, so be warned The Connemara National Park could become your second home.

From the start of the walk you are presented with the view of Tully mountain and its adjacent winding bays of clear blue water. As you go further up the view of Lettergesh and Renvyle Strand comes into sight which is North West Connemara. Keeping going up and Cleggen and Clifden will present themselves. At the top of the Mountain Kylemore Lake will introduce itself alnong with Kylemore Abbey, the Inagh Valley, and on a really clear Day Westport and Achill Island

connemara national park.

You also may pass various animals and wildlife peculiar to Ireland. Connemara Ponies, Rams, Deers, Insects, Birds, running around marble, natural stones, Heather, rododendrums and many more.


At this point you may see unusually contrasting views. The Irish weather has its quickly changing moods as it could well be raining on one side and very hot on the another. Clifden could be cloudy and Tully Mountain may have all the sun. By the time you finish the walk it will be vice versa.

connemara national park

connemara national park

Of more practical convenience the path is well signposted so it would extremely difficult to get lost in the wilderness. If something does happen one of a dozen extremely friendly Park rangers will be there to help. We came across a man near the top of the mountain who was searching for a wallet that a travellor had lost.

connemara national park

Once at the bottom of the National Park you can relax in front of the pond area surrounded by large trees, or go for a coffee and browse the Museum.





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