Tully mountain first peak.
zero pain for lots of gain
distance is 4km up and down
time: 1 hour 45 mins
Height: 357 meters

or option 2 is the full duck (full curcuit of tully mountain)
distance is 10 km up and around and down
Time: 4 hours max

Wow factor 8/10

From Letterfrack continue out the Tully Cross Road 2 kms.
Drive over the bridge and take the first left.
Continue 1 km until you get to a fork in the road.
Stay left and park beside the pier.

How to get to the start:
From the pier continue walking west along the road about 500 meters where you will be at the top of the small hill. Turn right off the road at this point. You should see a style (which is a footstep over the fence) and a gate up to your right.

The walk:
From this point you will get over onto the shoulder of the mountain to avail of the view north and south simultaneously. Continue straight up the shoulder and up to the top of the mountain within an hour. The walk up is moderately steep so its no problem for the average walker and is usually dry under foot.

When you get this first peak you can decide weather to do the full circuit or go back down the way you came up. The advantage of climbing Tully Mountain is that its stuck out on the peninsula. Its the only high vantage point west of the 12 pins. You can enjoy the full panorama from the 12 pins, around to killary, Millwrae, all the west Mayo coast. Inis Turk, Inis Boffin and you can actually see the Aran Islands on an average day.


From the top of the first continue west in the direction of the next peak, and the 2 peaks after that.

Keeping both little lakes on your right hand side, then down the valley on the west side of tully mountain in the direction of the sea cliffs in the distance until you meet a large stone wall near the bottom of the mountain. Turn left and follow the wall around rising above any heavy growth that might be in your way (summertime) until you meet the end of the road on the south side of the mountain. Continue down the south side of the mountain until you meet the road. Follow the road east back to the pier. This is a great spot for a picnic is just after you hit the stone wall coming off the mountain.

Wow factor: 8/10

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