It was around this time 11 years ago we were backpacking our way from the Yucatan peninsula Mexico to the Panama Canal . A fantastic road trip that took us thru Mexico, Belize Guatemala , El Salvador , Honduras , Nicaragua , Costa Rica and finally Panama for Christmas .

We were in a small town in Mexico just north of the Belize border called Tulum. The town is located in an area that has a lot to see and do.

The best Mayan ruins and cenote cave diving in the world are the hi lights along with world class snorkelling , milk white beaches with turquoise blue water . It’s also the best base if you want to see the parque nacional de Quintana Roo a few miles to the east or the reserva de la biosfera sain ka’an to the south .

We had about 4 or 5 days ( plenty time to see the best of it) but very little Spanish . The first big task for us was to find out the best things to see and do so we could make the most of our time in this beautiful area that had it all . We heard about this dude who owned a hostel and offered impartial advise on what to see and do ,where to eat stay drink etc. We found him at his hostel.

A tall Mexican Indian with English far superior to my Spanish . 10 minutes chatting to this GUI changed everything. We now had the vital info the do’s and don’t s . He quickly found out what we were interested in and highlighted the best option in all areas which resulted in us having a fantastic experience,getting good value for money and making the most of the time we had. This is where the idea of mikes top ten was born .

Letterfrack is like Tulum in a lot of ways . There’s a lot to see and do, you could stay here for 2 weeks do something different every day and you still wouldn’t see it all

. At the letterfrack lodge we want the time you spend here and your overall connemara experience to be the best it can possibly be .The top 10 is a list of the top 10 things to see and do eat and drink in my area based on feedback from fellow travellers and my own personal opinion. Over the years the list has grown so we added “the fringe” 10 more things to see do and eat.

Here’s the top ten for 2015, I will give a detailed review of each in the coming weeks and then we will move on to “the fringe ” 10 more things to see do and eat.
Mikes top ten 2015.
1. Connemara national park.
2. kylemore abbey.
3. Tully mountain.
4. Wild Atlantic way.
5. Lettergesh beach and the guraunn complex.
6. Killary fiord walk and sheep farm.
7. Lodge restaurant.
8. Inish boffin island.
9. Molly’s pub.
10. The twelve bens mountain range.

I will publish the fringe list later and then review everything .


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