The Dawros River Walk

Difficulty: 3-10

Distance: 7kms

Height: flat

Time: 2 hours and 15 mins

From Letterfrack you can walk along the N59 towards Westport for almost 2kms until lyou see the river on the left hand side beneath you. Be careful its a steep enbankment down to the river.

You must make your way down this with falling on your corn holio

When you get to the river turn left and you can follow the path and the river for almost 3 kilometres leaving the river occasionally to get around some heavy growth. Care has to be taken at all times as some of this path takes you over board walks.

The main thing to like about this walk is the constant soundtrack of the river babbling away in the background. And in the evenings you are walking into the sunset over Tully Mountain. Follow the river all the way until you get Dawros Bridge on the Letterfrack Tully Cross road. Turn left when you hit the road for a 2km stroll back to Letterfrack Village.

Tranquility factor: 10/10

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