Cycling in Connemara is officially my favorite activity to do around here thus far! I have had the absolute most incredible day cycling around Connemara today! I. am. on. a. life. high! The ride was glorious! The views were awe-inspiring! The cycle was invigorating! I could go on and on about how great it was but its best that I just send you off to cycle it yourself!

If you don’t have a bike, that is no problem! You can hire one from Steven at Old Monastery Hostel for cheap. If you are staying at Connemara National Park Hostel, he’ll rent them out to you for 10 Euros. He has quality bikes in great condition.

So the loop I cycled was about 20 miles, and I would rate the difficulty a 6 out of 10. There are a few hills, but you can go slow and make it an easier cycle. I started the cycle in Letterfrack right outside Connemara National Park Hostel, and headed North towards Tully Cross. It’s best to take a map for reference, the #37 Discovery Series topo map can be picked up at most shops.

Approaching Tully Cross, you’ll be going up a gradual hill. When you get to Tully Cross, you’ll take the right turn that goes up along the coast towards Lettergesh. (Check the map and use it as a reference to follow along.) You’ll pass by lots of sheep farms, views of the beach and cliffs, and grassy fields. It’s gorgeous! This section of the cycle has a few inclines and declines. When you pass by Culfin, you can take a rest stop at the Café/ Post office along the road or just continue going.

A detour to Glassillaun Beach is well worth the extra bit of cycling. From the Café, cycle up the hill and when you reach the fork, take the left towards the beach. Then take the second left on that road, to get to the beach. Take a little break and relax by the water. Walk on the sand or go for a dip if it’s warm enough. Scuba Dive West is located there, so if you’re interested in doing some diving, you can inquire there. From the beach, you can back track and get back on the main road.

Continue on towards Lough Mock and Lough Fee to the N59 Road. This is probably my favorite section of the cycle. The views are jaw dropping! Be prepared to stop often to take photos. Or stop somewhere and enjoy some lunch. Take your time and let the views sink in!

Once you reach the N59 Road, turn right towards Kylemore Abbey. Most of this part of the cycle will be at a gradual down hill, so relax and enjoy the ride. You’ll see Kylemore Abbey and the Gothic Church from across the Lake. It’s beautiful! Continue on and you’ll arrive back in Letterfrack and have completed this 20 mile loop! Congratulations!

Be extremely mindful of the cars on the road, especially from Kylemore back to Letterfrack because the road is narrow and winding. Wear a helmet. Use sunscreen. And drink water.

Things you should bring: sporty clothes for cycling, rain gear (just in case), water, cell phone, and some sun glasses.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment below! I hope you enjoyed the cycle!

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